RVA Content Strategy

For years we’ve been trying to find our place in other networking groups in RVA. We’ve tried snuggling up with web designers and squeezing in with social media junkies. While they are nice folks, we don’t get to talk about content nearly as much as we want.

You know, like 24/7.

So, we’re getting together to chat about content and meet other folks who love content as much as we do.

Join us in building the knowledge base of Content Strategy in RVA by sharing and learning together. We will share our real-life experiences, and talk about content until the cows come home.

Our events are open to content strategists and Friends of Content Strategy (FOCS). You’ll meet content specialists, writers, designers, developers, information architects, account stakeholders, and social media advocates. Agency folks, corporate professionals, and freelancers are all welcome.

Content is King.